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Bedford Law Office

1600 Bedford Hwy, Suite 421
Bedford, NS B4A 1E8
Phone: 902-422-8811
Toll Free: 800-294-7851

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Lawyers serving Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford

If you don’t live in Bedford, but in Halifax, Dartmouth or somewhere else nearby and you’re looking for a lawyer, then consider the following. Should you prioritize the convenience of a lawyer closer to you or the competence of your lawyer and quality of service they will provide to you in your time of need? If you choose the latter, then contact Kimball Law or call us today. We always put the client’s interests first.


Our office in Bedford, NS is located in the same building as the CIBC and directly across from the Sunnyside Mall. Our location serves all of our clients in Halifax and surrounding communities in the HRM area for all legal matters listed on our site.


You can find parking just outside of our office. There’s ample parking spaces so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a place to park before your appointment.

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